146 Fleming Street, Meadowdale Ext. 3
Germiston, R.S.A.
Tel. +27-11-453-1188
Fax. +27-11-453-0099
USB to IEEE-1284 Bridge Converter USB to Serial Cable USB & Firewire USB Hub 2.5 HDD Enclosure
3.5/5.25 HDD Enclosure USB Flash Drive USB 2.0 PCI Host Card USB 1.1 PCI Host Card PCI to IEEE-1394 Host Card
Cardbus Adapter USB Cable USB Changer Adaptor IEEE Adaptor & Changer  
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USB to IEEE-1284 Bridge Converter
UPC-100 / UC1284B Printer Cable USB to IEEE1284
UPC-200 USB B Female / DB 25 Female  
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USB to Serial Cable
UMC-201 / UC232A USB to RS232C ( DB 9 MALE ) Converter
UUMC-202 USB B Female / DB 9 Male  
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IC1394 3 Port PCI to Firewire  
UC2000L USB DockingStation W/Ethernet  
UC100KM KVM Convcerter USB to PS/2
UC10T /UC110T USB Converter USB to Ethernet
UE150 USB Extend W/5M
US401 4 PC Share 1 USB Device
UN101 / LINK200 USB Net Link
UN161 / LINK100 USB Bridge Cable
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USB 2.0
4 Port USB 2 HUB
USB 1.1
UH134A 4 Port SLIM  
UH144B Name Card 4 Port  
UH124A Harmonic 4 Port
UH114A Cosmetic 4 Port  
3 Port Thumb
2 Port Thumb
UH122A 2 Port Hub W/Cable
UH124 4 Port USB Hub W/220V ADP.
UH107 7 Port USB Hub W/220V ADP.
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